Monday, February 16, 2009

thought salad

hi there,

please bear with me... after several months of frustration i've only just got my laptop accepting the internet and in a moment of complete euphoria i've started a blog without any preparation whatsoever. over the past couple of weeks i've been churning over ideas for blog concepts and i've had trouble narrowing it down, distilling it to one single element that i want to follow. so this blog will undoubtedly become a bit of a thought salad - everything tumbled together hoping that the end product is tasty.

lately i've started taking photos of the tiny details that appear in life everyday which stop you in your tracks, make you pause and breathe them in. sometimes it's these tiny moments that give your life its shape. they can make the day memorable or even bearable. that they are so fleeting and unexpected yet can be so powerful makes these flashing instants fascinating to me so i'm going to have a go at recording some of them... but of course i don't have any downloaded yet!

so i'm just going to see where these moments and the thoughts (and photographs) they provoke lead and i hope you'll enjoy the journey with me.

rachael x

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