Wednesday, February 18, 2009

backyard swagging

there’s just something about sleepin’ out, stars being the last thing you see at night. even makes insomnia damn wonderful. love, love, love it. last year we even camped out on our lawn for nearly a month. i want to mention that it was in the winter too, just to score some hardcore cred with anyone who cares.

so last night i had the swag all to myself with my lovely man away on night shift. swags are wonderful for sharing but even better to have that deluxe double swag all to yourself. time to indulge in some sleepin’ out starfish style. oh yeah.

the swag was too enticing to resist last night, just lying out there, airing on the paving after we used it last friday night for some urban camping. our wonderful friends dex and gen of hype and seek had a jam night down at queen street and so that we could indulge without worrying about schlepping it back to the hills we camped out in the swag, lulled to sleep by the gentle railway sounds of night-time croydon. our only wildlife encounter - a friend staggered in late, saw our swag zipped up with mozzie protection in place and assumed we couldn’t see him. antics ensued. he wondered why we weren’t freaking out. we wondered why the hell tommy b was grunting and poking us with a stick. we all drifted off to our respective sleeps thinking the other party strangely hilarious.

confession time. i wasn’t completely alone last night (and i don’t mean those mosquitoes who just can’t do harmonies). my little brown friend luka slept out with me and we both awoke this morning to find that furious, that small furry ball of unresolved anger, had left us a gift. see photo. not sure this won’t get me exiled from the blogdom. not yet well versed on what the policy is on photos of cute dead things.

so the swag will be back to its true calling on thursday. no backyard, no starless urban nightscape. real mccoy camping. the coorong, glenelg river, great ocean road (love that name - so evocative). only four days but no calls to the complaints department from this quarter. should have some photos (hopefully of living wildlife) to show you when we get back.

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